PrimeTimers Sunday Class: 9:20am in W129/130. NEW study on Jonah.

"Jonah: What's Lurking Below" -- Sometimes everything seems right in our life. And then an event happens that brings out an attitude in ourselves that God wants us to address. This is what happened to Jonah. God asked him to go to Nineveh and help the people of that great city repent and turn to God. This revealed Jonah's negative attitude toward the Ninevehites which had been lurking below the surface of his heart. Through various means, God reached out to both the people of Nineveh and also to Jonah. Interestingly, we discover that the Ninevehites repented; but we are left wondering if Jonah did. What's lurking below the surface of our hearts? This exciting study is taught by Gary Middleton.

Bulletin Section: Primetimers Ministries