HSM Winter Camp 2018

  • Cost: $310 (due Jan 8th)
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  • When:
    Feb 9, 2018 @ 2:30 PM
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  • Where: Silver Spur Camp
The legendary Roman Empire, renowned for its exceeding wealth, immense power, and undefeated military prowess, struck fear into its adversaries. Surrounding the city stood impenetrable defenses and insurmountable walls, upon which the brave CENTURIONS kept watch, and within which the mighty GLADIATORS fought for glory. However, should the foundations of the empire be shaken, the entire kingdom would crumble into a pitiful, lifeless heap. In the same way, the Christian faith stands upon essential truths - The Five Solas. Without them, it too would be shaken, and crumble into a pitiful, lifeless heap. Discover these essential elements of Christianity and how to strengthen, grow, and share our faith Join us as we await the Kingdom that cannot be shaken!




February 9-12
February 16-19