Messaging-Negative Thoughts

By Pastor Johnie Moore | 2/20/18
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Being Overwhelmed

By Kevin Dexheimer Mens CORE team | 2/13/18

Last few days of work, which I normally don’t work nights, brought exhaustion to which I didn’t know if I could finish shift five of five.  From lack of sleep,

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The Finish Line

By Pastor Dave Parsons | 2/6/18

In his book, “Is This the End?” David Jeremiah tells how, “the Greeks had one race in the Olympics that was truly unique. The prize did not go to the runner who merely finished first, but to the runner who finished first with his torch still lit.”

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Offensive Mentality

By Pastor Johnie Moore | 1/30/18
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The Giving

By John Hill, Elder | 1/23/18
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