ENGAGED: Premarital Program at GHCC

Congratulations On Your Engagement!

This is a very exciting and important time of your life. Just as memorable weddings need time and preparation, so do great marriages! At GHCC, we want to help you prepare for a strong, healthy and lasting marriage that is based on biblical principles. ENGAGED is our premarital program designed to provide mentoring, curriculum and support to help guide you toward a Christ-centered marriage.
Engaged couples will meet with a pastor after they complete the Prepare & Enrich Assessment which is an online tool that assesses a couple's strengths and growth areas. Couples will then be paired with a trained mentor couple for 10 mentoring sessions. While these mentors are not licensed counselors, they are Christian couples who have been married ten years or more and demonstrate maturity in their relationship with God and wisdom in their marriage. The program will be using Focus on the Family's curriculum and DVD series, Ready to Wed, by Dr. Greg and Erin Smalley. Key topics include God's design for marriage, valuing differences, leaving & cleaving, communication, expectations, conflict resolution, being a team, money, sex and how to have a great first year.

Requirements & Cost:

You must be currently engaged with a wedding date that is at least six months from the date of application. However, if your wedding does not fall within that timeframe, please contact us first as you may still be able to qualify. The optimum time frame is to begin mentoring at least six months before your wedding date. This ensures that if areas are discovered during the mentoring sessions that you or your fiancé need further work on, there will be plenty of time to do so apart from the last-minute rush of wedding preparations.
Total cost for each couple is approximately $75 which covers the Prepare & Enrich Assessment and the required Ready to Wed materials.

What's Next!?

Step ONE: Submit The Online Application

Let us know that you are interested in ENGAGED by clicking the button below to complete and submit the online interest form.

Step TWO: Complete The Assessment Forms & Meetings

Once the application is submitted, we'll be contacting you by email with more details and the Prepare & Enrich Assessment forms which will help us then pair you with one of our amazing mentor couples.

Step THREE: Meet Your Mentors!

Then it's time to get started! As soon as a good fit is determined, the mentor couples will reach out to you to start the process of getting to know you and embarking on the Ready To Wed materials.

Step FOUR: Get Married!!

After completing all 10 sessions with your mentor couple and getting approval from the GHCC pastor, you will have completed ENGAGED and be ready to walk down that aisle.