The purpose of movie nights Movie nights exist for two reasons:

First of all, they exist as an opportunity to come together and enjoy each other’s company while experiencing the beautiful art of cinematography.

Secondly, and more importantly, movie nights exist in order for us to grow in our ability to knowledgably view and respond to the movies we choose to watch. Every movie ascribes to its own version of “truth,” embedding its own worldview into the storyline. While this is at times explicitly presented, most often, a movie shares its beliefs without the viewer even noticing. And whether we want to believe it or not, we are shaped by what we see.

Through movie nights, we want to challenge people to look at movies in a more informed light, teaching them to seek out the “truths” and worldviews in any movie they choose to view. We do this by watching a film with clear worldviews and taking time after to discuss its content and how it relates or differs from the Christian worldview.

It is our hope that through these nights spent together in discussion, we can become Christians who can extract God’s Truth from films and learn to identify and separate the “truths” each movie presents from actual Truth. If you want to watch movies in a more purposeful, and educated way, join us for our next movie night!