Our connection team exists to welcome in, familiarize, and connect new attendees into the Kairos community so that true growth can take place in the life of the believer. We hold to the belief that growth and transformation takes place in the context of Christian community. It is an idea that is both clearly laid out in scripture and proven throughout the history of Christian living for the past 2000 years. We see this in the book of Hebrews where the author exhorts his readers to meet with one another to encourage and stir each other up to love and good works (Heb. 10:24-25).

The importance of community is also displayed in the early church. Acts 2:42-47 lays out the deep sense of fellowship that took place among the new believers in Jerusalem. While this type of community was extraordinarily special, we desire to create a similar environment at Kairos. We don't simply want a place for people to come and hear the Word of God; we want a place where people can commune with God with their brothers and sisters in Christ.

One way we attempt to create such an environment is through the establishment of the connection team. As mentioned above, the connection team exists to welcome in, familiarize, and connect new attenders into the Kairos community.

To Welcome in...

It is our goal for every person who enters into the doors on Tuesday night to be greeted with a smiling face that genuinely cares about the lives of whom they are greeting. We want each person to know that Kairos is a place where they can come, and feel wanted and accepted. We do this by having friendly members of Kairos at the check in stations to help with the check in process along with having greeters at the entrance to welcome in all who come into the doors of Kairos.

To Familiarize...

We not only want for people to be welcomed in, but for them to become familiar with the inner workings of Kairos as well. Just as a house becomes a home when you begin to know the quirks and makings of it, we want attenders of Kairos to familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of the ministry, making it not just a place they visit but also their home away from home. One of the ways we attempt to create such an environment is through our connection table. There, people who are new to Kairos can come to be welcomed, meet the pastor along with other staff members, and get a short tour of the room where they will be familiarized with the various activities and programs we have to offer at Kairos.

To Connect...

Lastly, our goal is to go beyond brief introductions and connect people with events, programs, classes, or people that fit their interests and needs. Even though we share a common ground in the faith that we hold, each person comes with their unique personality and we desire to make all feel a part of the community at Kairos by integrating them into a specific community that cares for what they care for, experiences similar experiences, and are at similar stages of life. We do this by making it a point to personally know those who attend Kairos and to introduce them to people or events that might cater to their interests, needs, or stage of life.

Overall, we would hope that through these connection efforts, the people of Kairos would feel a part of the greater community, allowing them to grow more fully in the grace and knowledge of their Lord and Savior. If you would like to join us in connecting and integrating people into the Kairos community, contact Sarah D'Amico, Connection Team Leader, at sarahdamico@goldenhills.org or (925) 516-0653 ext. 7165.