The Kairos leadership team is an integral part of what takes place here at Kairos. While at face value it may seem as though our leadership team functions merely to ensure that our programs and events take place in order to keep the ministry running, but the purpose behind the leadership team runs much deeper.

A huge part of what they do is plan. They create events and activities that those who attend Kairos can take part in and enjoy. They also make sure that both Tuesday nights and events are well thought out, fully staffed, and run smoothly. But the planning does not take place for planning's sake.

Each Tuesday night worship service, social event, and service project is created and shaped around the idea that disciples of Jesus are best made by worshipping, growing, and serving together in the context of Christian community. Our leadership team sees services, events and projects not as an end, but as a means to an end. It is our desire to raise up disciples who will faithfully follow and serve their Lord and Savior.

Every Tuesday night worship service is planned (seating, lights, song choices, layout) not so people can have a "cool place" to call "their ministry", but to allow for people to enter into a space, feeling welcomed and accepted, in order to learn about and lift up praises to a worthy God, unhindered from distractions. We plan events and supply small groups not in order for people to post on instagram the great fun they are having but to bring people closer to one another as they draw closer to God. We provide opportunities to serve not because we want people to "get out of their comfort zones" but because we are devoted to raising up people who will be daily committed to serving Christ and his church.

The Kairos leadership team therefore, is comprised of committed Christ followers who desire to come alongside their brothers and sisters in Christ, teaching them and growing them in their knowledge and relationship with God, who will then in turn, be faithful to do the same with other believers (2 Tim. 2:2). Leadership is not merely fulfilling a role to get tasks accomplished, but it is a calling to share life with others. The leaders seek to exemplify what it looks like to follow God and provide opportunities for others to growth in their relationship with Jesus, and in their relationships with others.

Each member of the Leadership Team serves as a leader of a particular serve team and is responsible for one aspect of Kairos - things like set up or tear down, worship, prayer, small groups, hospitality, tech, or greeting. It is through the role as team leaders that leaders maintain and disciple a group of young adults.

Yes, the leadership team plans and coordinates various events at Kairos. But it is through such events and programs that we hope to make disciples who will impact every area of the world for Christ.