The Book of Ruth

Sep 10, 2017 to Dec 17, 2017
Time: Sunday @ 10:55 AM Location: Brentwood Campus - W248

Ruth: The Providence of God in the Darkest of Times

From the very first verse, the stage is set: “There was a famine in the land.” You’ve been there. Maybe not the food kind, but you’ve been there. In life, there are famines and Christians are not immune from them. Job famines. Family famines. Emotional famines. And sometimes famines in our relationship with God and even in relationships with our Christian brothers and sisters. Yes, sometimes there are famines. How do we handle them? What is God doing when we find ourselves in the darkest of times? The book of Ruth is about how God works, especially in times of famine. Join us as we turn back the pages of Scripture to see how God worked in the lives of two ladies - Naomi and Ruth. They knew about famine. God knows about restoration, healing, and turning famine to blessing. The restoration, healing, and blessing God brought to Naomi and Ruth is nothing less than amazing. Bring your famine and join us. He wants to do amazing things in your life as well.

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