PrimeTimer's Sunday Class

David: God's Viceroy King // A "viceroy" is someone who is appointed to rule a province or country as the deputy of the sovereign king. When India was part of the British Empire, the King or Queen of England would appoint a viceroy to rule India. The kings of Israel were supposed to be viceroys of Israel, with God being the Sovereign King. But King Saul failed to acknowledge he ruled under the authority of God. He would not submit to God or do what God asked Him to do. The result was God rejected him as king, and both he and three of his sons died in battle on Mt. Gilboa. David on the other hand, submitted to God and sought to please Him. He recognized that God was the true King of Israel, and he would be God’s viceroy. David had been anointed the future king of Israel by the prophet Samuel. Where we pick up the story in the life of David, it is time for David to become king. We will learn David’s key to success both as he becomes king, and as he rules.

Event Details

  • When Sun, Apr 08, 2018 @ 9:20 AM
  • Where Brentwood Campus (W129/130)
  • Repeats Weekly on Sunday until August 26, 2018