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Coffee Break

HE>I - DDIY (DON'T Do it Yourself)

The phrase “Do It Yourself” has become extremely popular over the last decade. Making something ourselves gives us a sense of pride and accomplishment (not to mention it can often save you some big bucks!). But with the influence of Pinterest and “DIY” books, we can easily become overwhelmed with the number of things we need to do, make, and accomplish to “keep up with the Jones’,’. Sometimes this idea bleeds into how we view Jesus, causing us to believe we need to do “XYZ” before we can have a relationship with Christ. Let’s lay down this idea of “DIY” and be reminded that God has already done it all; we just need to rest in Him.

Join us at Coffee Break as we discuss practical ways to create order in our lives, as well as how spiritual habits can keep us connected to the One we need most.

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