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Coffee Break

In today’s society, nobody is immune to the experience of pain and suffering. Whether it’s small troubles, such as stubbing a toe, disciplining a child, or breaking your favorite coffee mug, or a much bigger trial, such as receiving a diagnosis of an illness or losing a loved one, we are all familiar with the struggles of life. There are countless ways the world teaches us how to “cope” with these things, but most, if not all, of them fall short and don’t offer the peace, comfort, and hope our hearts so desire. When we turn to God, not only does he provide the strength we need to persevere, he tells us that we can even “count it all joy!” Let’s gather together to be reminded that even if the storms come, even if the mountains fall, even if the earth gives way, even still, we can rejoice in the Lord, our Savior.

Join us at Coffee Break! Social distancing protocols will be in place. If you are not comfortable attending, this event will also be live streamed.

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