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CORE Men's Breakfast

This event will be held in person on the plaza! Bring your favorite coffee mug and breakfast. The book of Romans is far more than a theological treatise. Paul wrote it to a specific group of people for a specific occasion. Join us as Elder Gary Abrojena shows us the context and purpose of Paul’s letter to the believers in Rome.

We will NOT be serving breakfast at this event. You are encouraged instead to bring your own egg McMuffin, bagel, or other non sharable item to eat or drink.


-In an effort to comply with the the current county Health Department, there is limited space at this event. It is imperative that everyone who wants to attend register, including those of the same household. For example, a father and son who live in the same house must register separately.

-Prior to entry, your temperature will be scanned. Any temperature registering 100.4 or higher will not be allowed entry.

-All participants are to wear masks

-Maintain a social distance of 6ft.

-Please use restroom prior to arrival as bathrooms will be limited

-You will need to bring a lawn chair as we will not have chairs to sit in.

Event Details