Harvest CARnival Volunteer Sign-Ups

Whether it's decorating a car with your Small Group, running games, distributing candy, helping with security or greeting, we need your help to make this a fun and safe event for our community and kids.

Sign-ups for cars for our Trunk or Treat are open now! Click the Register link.

If you don't have a car, or want to serve in another capacity, register here: https://bit.ly/2ZVwWCn


Instructions for participating in Trunk or Treat:

Step 1:

Decorate your car with a theme, be creative! Examples:

  • The Marvel Avengers
  • Sports team (Giants, 49ers, Warriors, etc.)
  • Harvest time, pumpkins, hay, etc
  • Star Wars theme
  • Check out the Pinterest board below for ideas!

You can do this with a group or by yourself! We want this to be festive and fun! PLEASE NOTE scary or evil themes will NOT be permitted.

Check out Pinterest for decorating ideas:

Pinterest – Car Decoration Ideas

Here are some kits and decorations to help too:

Oriental Trading Company – Decoration Kits for purchase

Oriental Trading Company – Decoration Ideas Do-It-Yourself

Party City – Decoration Kits for purchase

Step 2:

Figure out a game that would be fun for kids to play. Please make a game that does not take too long to set up between each kid (we want to keep the lines moving quickly). See this list for game ideas to get you started: https://bit.ly/3tNCFVR

Pinterest has more ideas too: Pinterest – Game Ideas

Step 3:

Please provide at least 1 or 2 larger bags of candy to get the night started. We will have volunteers come by to refill your supply throughout the event.

Event Details