Initiate Conference 2021

August 27 from 7:00-9:00pm & August 28th from 9:00am–12:15pm

A 2-Day Conference at Golden Hills designed to equip our leaders to wisely make and mature disciples in a distracted age.

Cost is $15.


Our present cultural moment presents various obstacles to the gospel. Some barriers to the gospel are evident, like atheism. In contrast, other obstacles are more obscure, like the ever-present distraction of technology. Regardless of the kind of obstacle we face, the task for faithful witnesses is to identify and overcome them to give the gospel a hearing. For this to be successful, a great deal of wisdom is needed.

To be a critic is easy—as it is often said. At the root of all criticism is the act of evaluation, which is not altogether wrong. But very often, criticism turns destructive as it narrows its focus on failures or faults. Before long, this kind of criticism will decry what is evaluated and may result in public denunciation. Without offering a reasonable corrective, criticism turns out to be most destructive.

As Christians, we cannot afford to fall into this pattern of cultural analysis, which is primarily a destructive posture of denunciation. Instead, we must analyze our culture and provide critique where necessary while offering a humble and thoughtful alternative. To accurately analyze and evaluate our present cultural moment through a gospel lens will require gospel-driven wisdom. The Apostle Paul wrote in Colossians 4:5, “Walk in wisdom toward outsiders, making the best use of the time.”

What can we do to be more effective witnesses for Christ in our increasingly secular world? Professor and author Alan Noble writes in his book Disruptive Witness, “when we speak of Christianity we cannot assume that our hearers understand the faith as anything other than another personal preference in an ocean of cultural preferences. In such a world, the work of witnessing and defending the faith must involve rethinking how we communicate.” Every generation of believers must grapple with how they can faithfully restate the gospel in their cultural moment because every generation faces new cultural obstacles to the gospel. So, how can we faithfully restate the gospel so our hearers can grasp its beauty and feel its weighty implications? We need wisdom!

The Initiate Conference is designed to train volunteer leaders by equipping them with gospel-centered theology and practice to love and serve others for the glory of God. This year’s theme aims to equip our leaders to identify significant barriers to the gospel in our cultural moment so that we can bear witness with wisdom.

So, join us this year as we seek to better understand our cultural moment that we may love our neighbors for God’s glory and our joy!

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