INITIATE Conference

DAY 1: Friday, August 23rd
   Dinner: 6:00PM (prepaid with registration by August 12th)
   Starts: 7:00pm
   Ends: 9:00pm

DAY 2: Saturday, August 24th
   Starts: 9:00am
   Ends: 12:00pm
   Additional Ministry Meetings to follow (if applicable)

   Early Registration: $10
   Late Registration: $15 (price increases August 13th)
   Friday Dinner Options: Adults - $13, Kids in Childcare - Free Pizza

Registration starts on July 28!


Loving others through Christ-like hospitality...

The words of the gospel are necessary and life giving. But hospitality gives those words context and makes plain the beauty and weightiness of the gospel. Christians are called to be hospitable (Rom. 12:13). And the call to hospitality flows from the reality of God’s hospitable character in which He created a world and filled it with everything we need. God also rescues sinners through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, redeeming fallen people by adopting them as children and welcoming them into His family. So the very heart of the gospel and its implications is God’s radical hospitality.

The Initiate Conference is designed to train volunteer leaders by equipping them with gospel-centered theology and practice to love and serve others for the glory of God. This year's theme aims to help our leaders connect the gospel to how we love and serve others through practicing ordinary hospitality. We’ll spend time learning what gospel-centered hospitality is, how we see it modeled in scripture, and how we can practice it in our life and ministry. It’s important that we are eager to share the gospel with our words, but it is also important that we are willing to share our lives as well (1 Thess. 2:8). 

So join us this year as we seek to grow in our loving service to others through Christ-like hospitality.

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