Small Group Spring Trimester Training

Have you ever considered that every environment you enter into has a culture? Your workplace, a restaurant, a church – even your home has a culture all its own. The culture of an environment is like a set of unwritten rules that people abide by while in that particular environment. These unwritten rules don’t just govern people’s behavior – they also dictate how people think and feel. Ultimately, the culture of any given community lies below the surface; it’s what truly governs that environment.

What is the culture that lays below the surface of the small group that God has entrusted to you? What are the underlying beliefs, assumptions, and widely held suppositions that truly give shape to the community that you minister to week in and week out? These are essential questions to answer because culture will be created with or without our help in forming it.

It is our goal that the gospel of Jesus Christ would shape our various small group cultures here at Golden Hills. When the gospel infiltrates our lives, our thoughts, our beliefs, and, consequently, our groups, then what we do together as brothers and sisters in Christ takes on a different kind of significance and meaning.

Whether you are a small group leader or a member of a small group, join us at the Spring Small Group Trimester Training event on Saturday, March 28th, from 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM in the Worship Building. There will be five workshops offered that are centered around how to effectively foster gospel-centered hospitality, authenticity, service, mission, and Bible study into the very fabric of your small group.

Event Details