Thanksgiving Opportunity

Do you have an extra place at your table this Thanksgiving?

Every year students from all around the world come to study at universities in the Bay Area. In fact, right now there are over 121,000 international students from places like China, India, and the Middle East studying in California. Most of these students are halfway around the world from their families and 80% of them will never step foot in the home of an American family.

This Thanksgiving we get the opportunity to show these students the love of Christ by simply setting another plate at the Thanksgiving table! CRU's, a campus ministry organization's, goal this year is to find families in the Bay Area that would be willing to host just two students in their home for Thanksgiving.

You pick them up from BART on Thanksgiving day, and they will watch football and cook turkey with your family, at the table you can share stories about traditions in your family and ask about traditions in theirs, and at the end of the day you will drop them off having experienced fellowship in a Christian home for maybe the first time! CRU will be providing the students to contact along with a sheet of conversation starters for around the table, all you have to do is sign up!

Would you set another plate at Thanksgiving? If you can help, please click the "Register" button above to sign up (coming soon). Also if you know of any other friends that might be interested please direct them to this page. Thank you for helping us demonstrate the love of Christ to students from around the world this Thanksgiving!



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