WBS Antioch Campus

Hebrews Study

Christ is our complete Savior. The world longs for a savior who can help them with their sin, help them approach God, and help secure their future. As our complete Savior Christ is the perfect sacrifice who removes all our guilt and restores us forever to God. Christ is our perfect High Priest who allows us to enter the presence of the living God with confidence. Christ is the perfect assurance that our future will be spent with him. 

The Book of Hebrews extols the completeness of Christ as our Savior, which becomes a certain hope for all of God’s people. As we prioritize God’s Word, enjoy intimacy with Christ, and the fellowship of His people, let's embrace the message of Hebrews, which exhorts us to press on to maturity and warns us of the danger of complacency. 

Class Fee: $13 (paid with registration)
*NO CHILDCARE - Antioch Campus Only.

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Session: September 5th - November 14th
Day + Time: Thursdays @ 9:30 AM
Room: Fellowship Hall, Antioch Campus
Contact: women@goldenhills.org


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