Elective Classes

Theology 3

This is the third of four theology classes we teach at Golden Hills. (They do not need to be taken in order). This course covers the doctrines of: 1) man—how God created mankind; 2) sin—the Fall in the garden, and its results; 3) salvation—what God did to save us from our sin. $5 cost for CD and class syllabus. // Teacher: Rick Moe

What Did You Expect?

Look into the mirror of God’s Word and see yourself. Maybe you love yourself more than your spouse, your little kingdom more than God’s big Kingdom. When you reach that level of honesty, you're at the edge of real good things for your marriage, unity, understanding, and love. // Teachers: Stan & Christina Capito

Jesus in the Old Testament

PSALMS & PROPHETS // Understand the stories and events in the second half of the Old Testament through this survey class that looks at what God has been doing in history, and why He sent the prophets to Israel. Instead of getting lost in the details, this class will give you the big picture of what’s in each book, and how it moves forward what God was doing in history. // Teacher: Cliff Olson


HOW TO LIVE IN A NON-CHRISTIAN WORLD // The Ephesian believers were trying to live godly lives in an ungodly world—to live by the power of God’s Spirit. Like us today, they were in a world at odds with their beliefs and values. They were discouraged and needed answers. Paul’s letter provides encouragement and answers. // Teacher: Dave Pace // Sept 8 - Nov 24


LEADER DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP // This class will be especially helpful for small groups that are participating in the sermon-based study & will emphasize parts of the letter that might not get covered in the sermon, as well as to clarify (and expand) on what is preached from the pulpit. // Sundays @ 9:20AM // Teachers: Vinnie Angelo & Matt Pierce

Parenting Teenagers (Fall)

Each stage of parenting has its challenges, but parenting teenagers can be extremely difficult. How do you guide your teenager thru these years, and keep your own sanity at the same time? In this class, we’ll explore God’s Word on these issues, and learn together. // Teacher: Cliff Olson

Advent: The Whole Story (Ladies Only)

In the run-up to Christmas, let's make room to pause and look at some key biblical texts that remind us of the whole story of God's redemption of humankind. Jesus Christ left His father to die a substitutionary death for sinners and rise from the dead. As the Word permeates our hearts, our hope is that we'll embrace Christmas through a new lens this year. // Teachers: GHCC Teachers

Deaf Ministry Class

Deaf Ministry offers a weekly sermon-based Bible Study/Fellowship Class following the 9:20am Sunday service (interpreting services provided). The Bible Study starts at 10:55am in room W148.

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