Elective Classes

Transforming Presence

Do you want to grow in your understanding of the Holy Spirit, and your walk with Him? This class will teach you what the Scriptures actually say about the indwelling Spirit of God. You will also learn 10 vital practices that will help you have a new experience of the Holy Spirit. // Teacher: Dave Parsons

Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands

An 11-week training for all leaders, apprentice leaders, teachers, group facilitators, and any others who desire to learn how to use their God-given gifts and God's Word to help those whom God has brought into their lives. // Teacher: Matt Pierce


Wisdom from Jesus' Brother // James wrote a book about living for Jesus, and about how to live when things get tough. How to control what we say. How to discover God’s will for our life. How to have patience. How to know – really know – your faith is true. And much more. // Teacher: Dave Pace

Survey of Church History

How did the church grow from a small movement of twelve disciples on the fringes of society to the global church of today? In this class, we will survey the history of the church by studying some of its major figures (Augustine, Luther, etc.). In this way, we will begin to see our own place within the story of the church. // Teacher: Andrew Pak

It's Not Too Late

Every person who lives long enough will experience difficulties that are not easy to understand. It's not unusual to feel that our problems are insurmountable - that our mistakes and past sin leave us unable to experience the life that God planned for us. In this video series with Tony Evans, we'll discover that "It's Not Too Late!" // Teacher: Glen Evans.

Deaf Ministry Class

Deaf Ministry offers a weekly sermon-based Bible Study/Fellowship Class following the 9:20 am Sunday service (interpreting services provided). The Bible Study starts at 10:55am in room W148.

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