Elective Classes

Parenting Teenagers

Parenting teenagers can be extremely difficult. The issues they are going thru can present you, as their parent, with tough, gut-wrenching decisions. They are exploring becoming independent, but often their decision-making abilities have not kept pace, so they do ""unusual"" things. How do you guide your teenager thru these minefields, and keep your own sanity at the same time? This class will give you all the answers. Your teen will end up being godly, mature, and the perfect little angel. (Good luck with those expectations). There are some keys though, which can help. We'll explore God's Word on these issues, and learn together.// Teacher: Cliff Olson // Zoom // Tue-Thur 7-8:30pm This will be an 8-session class (that meets over 4 weeks)

Anxiety Care

This is a support group for people struggling with anxiety. Each meeting will present different ways of understanding anxiety, along with giving opportunities for people to share.// Teacher: Matt Pierce & Vinnie Angelo // Zoom // Wed 7-8pm This group will meet for 4-weeks.

A Study in the Book of Hebrews

We'll walk through the book of Hebrews verse by verse, paying special attention to the typology presented and explained throughout, and the warning passages found in the book.// Teacher: Josh McCullers // Zoom // Mon - Wed 11am-12:15pm This is a 12-session class (that meets over 6 weeks)

What We Believe

We'll look at the theological distinctives that make up the Golden Hills Affirmation of Faith, and see how theology is important for the lives of all people.//Teacher: Vinnie Angelo // Zoom // Tue/Thur 6-7:15pm This is a 10-session class (that meets over 5 weeks via Zoom)

Theology 4

This is the fourth of four theology classes we teach at Golden Hills. (They do not need to be taken in order). This course covers what the Bible says about the Church, as well as about future things such as the tribulation, rapture, millennium, and eternal state. // Teacher: Rick Moe // Room W129/130 at 10:55 AM

How People Change

“How People Change” targets the root of a person – the heart. This curriculum starts with God, and so avoids the fatal flaw in all the self-help books. It’s all about the One who is remaking us into a community that practices loving-kindness, justice, and righteousness on the earth. // Teacher: Matt Pierce // Room W248 at 9:20 AM

Jesus in the Old Testament

GENESIS - NEHEMIAH // Have you ever wondered what the Bible is all about? What’s the big picture? This class will help you understand the stories and events in the first half of Old Testament—why God created the world, how mankind fell into sin, why God sent the flood, and why God chose Israel. // Teacher: Cliff Olson // Room W241 at 10:55 AM

Christians & Culture

“Christians & Culture” is an apologetics-based class that will explore: what it looks like to live in God’s World, how He has given us the truth, and how to engage the world in a way that honors Jesus as King. // Teacher: Vinnie Angelo // Room W246/247 at 10:55 AM

Ladies Campaign Studies

MID-WEEK LADIES ONLY STUDIES // During this 6-week study, we will learn how Jesus taught us to pray meaningfully. This study follows along with the church-wide campaign. // Teachers: Various

Deaf Ministry Class

Deaf Ministry offers a weekly sermon-based Bible Study/Fellowship Class following the 9:20am Sunday service (interpreting services provided). The Bible Study starts at 10:55am in room W148.

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