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Featured Events for Nov 2020

Christmas Angel Applications

November 22, 2020 - All Day

Christmas Angel Applications

Nov 22, 2020 //

Our Christmas Angel Program was created to assist in providing gifts at Christmastime for family’s w/children in need within the body of Golden Hills Community Church. If you are a member or a regular attendee at Golden Hills and need help this Christmas, Apply on line. Application deadline is Sunday, 11/22

Ladies Christmas Extravaganza

November 29, 2020, 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Ladies Christmas Extravaganza

Nov 29, 2020 // Brentwood Campus


Matt. 11:28 "Come to me all who are heavy laden and I will give you rest."

Society tells us to live our best life we need to be in constant pursuit of happiness. We often believe the lie that, “If only I achieve this, or gain that, then I will be satisfied." We strive for perfection, for happiness, and to have happier, stronger, worry-free, more self-esteem, more peaceful lives. We even look to find God's favor through our own efforts.

However, when we do gain those things, it doesn't offer us the self-fulfillment we so desire, and so we move on to the next thing that will bring us "happiness." The problem is that if we never receive the things we so desperately desire, we end up feeling discontent, purpose-less, weighed down, and, at times, full of despair. The good news is that Jesus himself has offered us everlasting joy and hope in the truth of the Gospel, and it's when we stop looking to the world and feast our eyes on Jesus will our hearts finally find the rest and satisfaction we desire.

As we surrender to Christ, Jesus takes our yoke on himself whereby we lose the life we have built and gain rest and satisfaction in the finished work of Christ. We will know the incomparable joy of Jesus Christ in all circumstances. Our self-absorbed nature will be less like the old self as we are conformed into his likeness. And here we will find rest.

Our Annual Ladies Christmas Extravaganza (LCE) is a place where we welcome women to enjoy great music, and listen to a gifted speaker share the good news of Jesus. This year, LCE will be a 2-part event.

On November 29th, we will kick-off our festivities with a pre-event where we you can enjoy an afternoon of music, photos, raffles & pick up your registration gift and book order in anticipation of our main event.

On December 5th our main event will be livestreamed so you can get together with your social bubble in the comfort of your own home. Our speaker this year, Trillia Newbell, will point us to the One who is able to satisfy our longing for rest, Jesus! You can hear more from her during this podcast.

We are so excited to start the Christmas season with you.

Cost is $16

Register HERE

Let Heaven & Nature Sing

November 30, 2020 - All Day

Let Heaven & Nature Sing

Nov 30, 2020 //

Though things this Christmas season might be different, the reason we celebrate never changes: Emmanuel has come to rescue us and to make all things new! This is the heart behind “Let Heaven and Nature Sing”. This new album features some of our worship team and choir singing some of our favorite Christmas songs. It is available to listen on Spotify and Google Play and download on Bandcamp for free (click the link to the right)! You can also pick up a CD for free at church while supplies last.

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