What is considered the appropriate age for a child to be baptized?

The age of the child is not as important as their ability to explain their salvation and demonstrate an understanding of Jesus’ death as an act of substitution atonement (He died in our place). We aren’t looking for the “right words” as much as their understanding of:

  • Why we need salvation:

    • We are sinners –Romans 3:23
    • Sin separates us from God –Romans 6:23
    • Jesus is the only way –John 14:6, Romans 5:8
  • How we obtain salvation (faith in Jesus’ death and resurrection):

    Romans 10:9-13, Acts 2:38

    Baptism is a clear commitment to live a Christian life with the help of other believers. Because of our view of baptism as a believer’s baptism we do not baptize infants. (You may contact the church office to inquire about infant and child dedication.)

Why do you hold the classes?

Baptism is a big step in one's spiritual walk. We want to make sure the children understand why we get baptized. It's important that the children are able to express their faith in their own words, so we explain many of our "church words" as we go through the class. We slow down and try to be as interactive as possible, to make sure they can ask questions and share what they really believe.

How many sessions do the children need to attend?

We have two children’s sessions. These sessions are usually held on consecutive Sunday afternoons from 3:30 – 5:30 PM.

Do I need to attend the sessions with my child?

You are highly encouraged to attend with your child. We encourage you to use our presentation as a springboard for further discussions at home.

How important is my child’s attendance at both of the sessions?

We cover a great deal of information during the two children’s sessions. It is best that your child attends both sessions or waits until the next series.

What do you do during the two sessions for kids?

Our sessions cover a Biblical view of baptism, examining why we are baptized, why we do full immersion, and the implications of baptism. The children will write their personal testimony in class – and we will have an opportunity to gauge their readiness for baptism. Some children may be asked to wait to be baptized.

Participating in the classes does not obligate your child to be baptized. You and your child could use the class material as the basis for home discussions about the lifestyle of following Jesus.

My child missed the children’s sessions but I want him/her baptized right away.

We want to be sure your child is ready for baptism and our classes help in that preparation. These sessions help us gauge your child’s readiness. Baptism is not a requirement for salvation, but it is a serious step in one’s spiritual life. We prefer that your child take part in both classes.

Can my child attend the adult baptism class with me?

Your child may certainly attend the adult class, but we've found that they miss out on some of the basic concepts regarding salvation and baptism. The children's class covers these concepts in a format better suited to children.

My child is shy. Does he/she have to give a public testimony?

Yes. Baptism is a public proclamation of one's faith in Christ. There is no hurry to be baptized. It is a choice we make in being obedient to Jesus. There's no harm in waiting if your child isn't ready to share their testimony.

For more information or to register for any of the above free classes please contact Julie at 516-0653 X 7140 or email at julieandereggen@goldenhills.org