Our goal in offering classes at GHCC is to glorify God by making disciples who are saturated by His Word, love Him with their minds, and honor Christ as Lord of their hearts. GHCC Classes are a great way to grow in your discipleship personally and as a community. Our hope is to offer gospel-driven discipleship where we study the Bible, Theology, and Spiritual Formation. We believe that Classes will help shape how you think about, and live in, God’s Kingdom! Classes are available to anyone middle school-aged and older. We’d love to see you there!

Membership + Baptism

Discover the biblical importance of membership, how GHCC functions, our history, denominational affiliation, purpose, values, and theological foundation in this weekend version of our class. Also learn about baptism and why Christ commands us to be baptized.

Friday, July 12 (6:00–9:00pm) and Saturday, July 13 (9:00am–12:00pm)
Room W148

Grasping God's Word

Have you ever heard a sermon and wondered how the pastor was able to get all that info out of only a few Bible verses? This foundational class helps our congregation learn HOW to read the Bible. In Grasping God’s Word, we spend 4 weeks learning how to read, interpret, and apply the Bible.

Sundays (10:30am–12:00pm)
Room W130
June 2nd–23rd

HSM Angelology: Study of Angels, Satan and Demons

High schoolers, explore roles of holy and evil angels, understand the reality of spiritual warfare, the importance of vigilance, and find encouragement in living for Jesus Christ.

Sundays (8:30–9:30am)
Room W242

March 3–May 26 (not meeting March 31)

MSM Biblical Answers to a Secular Culture

This is a 12-week class for Middle Schoolers. With the proper understanding of God’s Word, we are able to give biblical answers to the questions that the culture asks of us that actually makes sense!

Sundays (8:30–10:00am)
Room W235

March 3–May 26 (not meeting March 31)

Adult Education Staff

Josh McCullers

Pastor for Discipling and Young Adults Ministry

Vinnie Angelo

Director of Adult Education and Small Groups Curriculum

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Suggested Reading

Our pastors and staff have compiled a great "playlist" of books on Amazon that are awesome resources for you to enjoy and continue growing in your faith. Click the button to check them out today!