About the Community Outreach Center

Our purpose is to glorify God by making disciples who will impact the local community and the world by transforming lives and changing culture for Christ.

While prayerfully attempting to begin and nurture authentic relationships with the people in our surrounding community we hope to encourage movement closer to Jesus. Once someone becomes a true disciple of Jesus they change their behavior and learn to contribute positively to the culture. This has potential to change the complexion of the community. Christ transforms lives and changes the culture one person at a time. All our ministries are designed to meaningfully connect with people and encourage movement along a discipleship pathway towards conversion and Christian maturity.

Mission in your Backyard

One does not have to travel out of the country to do mission work in another culture. Though most of the people we serve at the COC have grown up in this country and communicate in the English language, they are a mission field in their own right. We work with a poor and homeless culture that has been inundated with drugs and diminished literacy.

There are generational cycles that run very deep and require a strategic move of God to break. We want to be a part of that strategic move of God and we welcome others to join our team

For more in-depth information on the COC, read our article Pervading Theme at the COC

Our Location

525 E 18th St, Antioch, CA 94509