Art Ministry

Our vision is to know and glorify God as the eyes of our hearts are enlightened through creating and appreciating art. Our mission is to participate in the process of making disciples of Golden Hills artists, to serve and edify the church body through art, and lead others to create beauty in and through their lives.

Art Exhibition

At our recent Golden Hills Art Exhibition, we experienced a collective awe of God and His redeeming grace for His people, amidst generous hospitality and the warmth of community. Access our digital collection and photos from the event here!

Art Ministry Youth Workshop
Art Ministry Youth Workshop

This is a workshop for 5th–9th graders who love making visual art or writing poetry, and want to know how to do that for the glory of God. In the visual art workshop, you will learn the importance of thumbnails, symmetry, and the rule of thirds. In the poetry workshop, you will learn about the importance of rhyme and meter, as well as artistic language. Keep an eye out for our next workshop!

Art Ministry Interest Form

Please fill out this form if you are interested in serving in the Art Ministry, as an artist or on the event planning team. Positions open to males and females, high-school aged and up.

Art Ministry Staff

Melissa Vongtama

Director of Women’s Ministry over Gatherings