Hume Lake Fundraiser

April 2 - 30

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Details and Instructions
This year we will be offering a fundraiser with Krispy Kreme! Because who doesn’t love donuts? The best part is that we will be selling gift certificates that can be redeemed at any time, making it a convenient and easy way for students to earn money towards Hume!

Start Date: 4/2 |  Deadline: 4/30

What are we selling?
Krispy Kreme Gift certificates:

  • Original Glazed Dozens (Sell price = $16.00 | Student profit = $8.00)
  • Pre-Assorted Dozens (Sell price = $20.00 | Student profit = $10.00)

Fundraiser Instructions:
1. Share this link with friends and family:
They will use the “Student Name” field to specify who should benefit from their purchase.
2. Throughout the fundraiser, if you’d like an update on your sales, email for a summary.
3. After the sales have ended, we will send a final list of all your sales. You will then come to the Student Ministries office to pick up your Krispy Kreme Gift Certificates and distribute them to the purchasers.
4. Shortly after the fundraiser, we will email you a coupon code to apply towards your Hume final payment. (Note: Coupon codes cannot be used on the initial registration/deposit form)

Important Info:

  • Certificates cannot be mailed directly to the purchaser.
  • Certificates are only valid for redemption at the Brentwood Krispy Kreme location (2530 Sand Creek Rd).
  • Certificates will not have an expiration date.