Hume Lake Fundraiser

April 2 - 30 2023

Purchase Link

Details and Instructions
This year we will be offering a fundraiser with Krispy Kreme! Because who doesn’t love donuts? The best part is that we will be selling digital gift certificates that can be redeemed at any time, making it a convenient and easy way for students to earn money towards Hume!

Start Date: 4/2 |  Deadline: 4/30

What are we selling?
Krispy Kreme Digital Dozens:

  • Original Glazed Dozens (Sell price = $16.00 | Student profit = $8.00)

Fundraiser Instructions:
1. Share this link with friends and family:
They will use the “Student Name” field to specify who should benefit from their purchase.
2. Throughout the fundraiser, if you’d like an update on your sales, email for a summary.
3. After the sales have ended, we will send a final list of all your sales and earnings. We will email a digital gift certificate to each of your purchasers directly.
4. Shortly after the fundraiser, we will email you a coupon code to apply towards your Hume final payment.