Simply Women

May 20 7:00 - 9:00 pm  |  W130

2401 Shady Willow Lane, Brentwood, CA, USA

How can we live as salt and light? The beatitudes offer an answer. The beatitudes are not a, “do this, get this,” formula. Instead, they are an invitation to walk as ambassadors of the New Covenant and a promise of what naturally will happen in a believer as they walk with the Spirit. The world around us longs for justice, for things to be “the way they should be,” but with only an inkling of what that looks like. It tries to achieve it by human strength for human glory. The beatitudes call believers to, instead, pursue justice by God’s means, through righteousness and mercy and purity, for His purposes. We seek for the world to be restored and redeemed, all the while knowing that true and complete justice will never be realized on this side of glory. But with joy and anticipation, we are sent into the world to show the beauty of a God who satisfies hunger, gives mercy to the undeserving, and purifies sinners so they can be made right with the ultimate judge of the universe, God Almighty.

Join our panel of speakers as they explore this theme of Justice.
Enjoy a complimentary meal. Childcare available by reservation.