Special Needs

Buddy Ministry

This is a ministry for elementary-aged children to have a buddy accompany them in their Sunday school class.

We are currently accepting applications for those who would like to serve as adult buddies or for those who would like to request a buddy.

If you have a child with special needs here is how you start the process:

1. Begin the registration process by clicking the Interest Form button at the top of this page and filling that out.

2. If there is an available buddy leader, they will be paired with your child.

3. There will be an in-person meeting with a Special Needs Team Leader and their paired child.

4. You're all set for a Sunday morning!

Here is what you can expect on a Sunday morning:

1. Pre-check-in by Thursday evening.

2. Check-in on Sunday Morning in the E-building lobby when you arrive. You'll receive pick-up tags for your child.

3. Meet your child's buddy in the Kids Ministry office.

4. You will all walk to check-in at your child's classroom

5. Your child will attend Sunday School with their buddy.

6. You will pick up your child from Sunday School at the normal pick-up line.

What if you can't make it on a Sunday?

1. If your child is sick or there is another reason your family will not be attending, you can text your buddy on Sunday morning to let them know you will not be there.

2. If for some reason you no longer want to to have your child in the Special Needs Buddy Program, please let us know. This will allow the buddy to be paired with another child.

3. In the event that your child's buddy is not available on a Sunday, you will be notified and a parent can be a substitute buddy for the day.